January 16, 2021

New Products Reviewed

We Test It, We Review It. Hands-on, Every Time.


Find the best products with the help of new products reviewed. We take the latest and greatest and test them out so you don’t have to.  Your favorite brands and notable newbies will be ranked out so you can make the most educated decision. Our rating system allows you to pick the right product for you all while being entertained along the way.

Our 5-star rating system helps to remove the clutter and PR spin, letting you know exactly how to find the perfect product for you and avoid the duds along the way.

Experienced writers and reviewers who have been published in The Guardian, The Sunday Independent, The Sunday Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times and many more publications around the world test out every product and give an unbiased opinion to help you make decisions. 

5-Star rating system description 

1 Star – Let’s be honest, we shouldn’t need to say much more than that  this product is rubbish

2 Stars – Not up to scratch and should be avoided like someone with the flu

3 Stars – Good product, had some positives but not highly recommended by the team

4 Stars – A great product and we recommend you try it 

5 Stars – Top notch, incredible product and an overall great experience. All of our team loved this product and we think you will too

New Products Reviewed is part of the BeCreative Media Group. If you are looking for hands on testing of new products, then you are in the right place.