January 20, 2021

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So Sue Me Dripping Gold Fresh Glow Tan Removal Mousse

Clodagh Dooley wants to find a product that removes stubborn tan. Here, she tests out So Sue Me Dripping Gold Fresh Glow Tan Removal Mousse


I find that the worst thing about using self-tanning products is the effort I have to put in to scrub the tan all off. Removing tan is a nightmare. There are always some stubborn bits on my skin which just will not budge, no matter how much I scrub at them. I wish I could just apply the tan and that it would last for weeks without getting patchy. Then, evenly fade away. Or, if I could be naturally tanned, that would be even better! 

But the reality is, a tan that comes from a bottle will typically start to look a little uneven and dirty after a couple of days. I wanted to find a product that would remove all old tan before I did a fresh application. As a fan of the bestselling Dripping Gold tan, created by blogger and businesswoman Susanne Jackson (aka So Sue Me), I wanted to try out her Dripping Gold Fresh Glow Tan Removal Mousse. However, if I’m completely honest, I was a little disappointed. Here’s why…




+ Foamy texture which spreads around on skin easily

+ Dries into skin within seconds – you can even get dressed after applying

+ Experienced no skin irritation


– Still had to scrub skin to try to remove tan

– Felt that I still had a lot of tan left on my skin after using 


With days-old tan beginning to get slightly dirty-looking, I picked up the Tan Removal Mousse, pumped the crystal clear watery formula into my hands, ready to spread it all over my body. I found it quite cool that the water-like substance developed into a mousse the instant it hit my hands! 

The foam spread across my skin very easily. The directions on the bottle advise leaving the formula to soak into skin for approximately 5-10 minutes. But I decided to leave it on for an additional five minutes, to really see the results. What’s great about the formula is that you don’t have to stand around in the nip in the freezing cold, waiting for it to dry. It dries within a few seconds. So, you can pop on a dressing gown and wait out the next few minutes in warmth!

According to the site, “Dripping Gold Tan Removal Mousse is enriched with vitamins A and E and the easy-to-use formula gently and effortlessly melts away stubborn product for tan-free skin in minutes”. However, I did not feel this was the case. With an exfoliating mitt, I gently started to buff my skin in the shower to remove the tan as instructed. However, I gradually found that I was getting rougher and rougher on my skin, until I was actually scrubbing at my skin trying to get the tan off.

While I did notice some tan wash away with the water when I stepped out of the shower, I could still see residue on my body. My skin type would normally be dry, so this could be a factor as to why it was stubborn to remove in places. But I had gotten my hopes up when I read that the remover “effortlessly melts away tan” and “avoids excessive scrubbing”. To just end up scrubbing like usual was a disappointment. Wishful thinking?


Like the self-tanning product, the Dripping Gold Tan Removal Mousse is beautifully packaged. It might be a case that it works better to remove tan on certain skin types (if you have tried it, let me know if it worked for you!), but I just found that it didn’t do a whole lot to remove mine. I just ended up excessively scrubbing my skin anyway. 

At €14.95 a 150ml bottle, I feel that my money would be better spent on something more beneficial to my skin. Plus it’s worth mentioning that I only got about a month’s use out of the bottle. So I feel there is no point investing again when it wasn’t giving me the results I hoped it would. 

Since doing this review, I have tried another self-tan remover from a different brand. I had the exact same feelings towards it. Personally, I don’t think they are any better than simply using a scrub or shower gel. Until there is some tan erasing product that really does melt away my tan instantly (leaving absolutely NO stubborn bits), I’ll just keep using a body scrub and body wash to try and remove old tan.

I do still adore So Sue Me’s Dripping Gold Tan and Wonder Water products, as well as her Glow Up Highlighter Palette. So, I’d definitely praise the brand as a whole. However, unfortunately it’s a thumbs down from me for the Tan Removal Mousse. 

I would give Dripping Gold Fresh Glow Tan Removal Mousse TWO out of Five Stars.

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