January 20, 2021

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IrishFitFam Women’s Power Leggings

Clodagh Dooley takes the IrishFitFam Power Leggings for a run!


There have been many times I’ve ordered gym leggings online and excitedly taken them out of the package when it arrives, tugged them up and walked around confidently, only to be told by my sister or mam: ‘Jesus, they’re very see-through!’ I really don’t know why I ever expect otherwise, when the leggings are usually inexpensive and just purchased from one of the online fast fashion retailers. I won’t name any names! 

But even the quality of leggings by some of the well-known sportswear brands can be very light, so it can be difficult to know what pair of leggings are a good investment. Unless you’re physically in a store and can try them on there. But now that a majority of us are currently working from home, we have no choice but to buy any new workout gear that we need online. So it helps to have access to honest reviews, in order to make a more informed choice about our online purchases. Especially if it’s a case we are about to spend around €70 plus €10 delivery for one pair of leggings. 

I have wanted a decent, thick pair of plain black fitness leggings for a good while now, but didn’t know where to turn. The only pair I have at home are a shiny spandex-type which I need to keep pulling up, because they always fall down on me! After coming across Irish-FitFam.com, an online fitness-and-lifestyle retailer based in Ireland, I was interested to try out their Power Leggings. Let’s see if they had the power to impress me!



+ Thick, nylon material – underwear not visible through them!

+ High-waist and stretchy, gave me a flattering fit

+ Felt very comfortable to walk, jog and squat in

+ Handy hidden pocket in the waistband, my phone nicely pops in


-Material is prone to attracting dog hairs and fluff


The moment I took the IrishFitFam Power Leggings out of their packaging, it was love at first touch! I could tell straight away that the material (87% nylon and 13% spandex) was a lot thicker than the leggings that would usually arrive in the post for me. You could also tell by the fact that the leggings felt a lot heavier to lift (but not too heavy). 

It says on the IrishFitFam site that they weigh 300GSM (grams per square metre). GSM was not necessarily a feature I looked out for before, but after doing some research on the web, this measurement can be a help when deciding on the best weight to buy. The higher the GSM number, the denser in weight the fabric will be.

High-waisted and stretchy

When I tried the Power Leggings on, I didn’t get any exclamations from family members about how see-through they were. A good sign! 

I’m a size 8 and would say I have a pear shape. I like to wear high-waist trousers that highlight the smallest part of my waist and smooth over my tummy which bloats a lot! So I often struggle to get pants that benefit both my belly and my slightly smaller upper waist. It’s either one or the other, as high-waist trousers in size 8 sometimes tend to fit great on my tummy, but are a little loose at my waist. But if I was to go down a smaller size, they wouldn’t go up past my thighs!

Noticing the site described the leggings as being ‘ultra-high waisted’ and having a ‘four-way stretch’, I decided to order a size 6-8 (extra small) in black. I was a little worried that they would be too small for my stomach area, but the leggings honestly fit like a glove. They were quite tight, and I could especially feel that when I was trying to pull them up on my legs, but the material did stretch too. It’s not often I can find a pair of leggings that have both those advantages. The tightness meant they fit perfectly over both my tummy and upper waist, but they were also stretchy enough that I felt very comfortable wearing them. I felt that the leggings flattered my figure.

Perfect for everyday wear (and every exercise)

Since I got the Power Leggings, I’ve been wearing them almost every day. I don’t do very intense exercise workouts but I do wear them when I go walking, jogging or do some exercises at home like lunges. Even when I go into town to do a grocery shop. Being ‘moisture-wicking’ means that I’ve not experienced any sweaty patches when working out. But as I said, my workouts might not be as intense as some others!

As well as being comfy, the leggings look very slick on. They have a white 3D rubber logo on them and a very practical feature is the hidden pocket in the waistband. Ideal if you want to have your phone on you while exercising. Or even if you need somewhere to stash money. If in the case that you want to stop off at a shop on your way back from a run!


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to gym pants, but I was really impressed with the IrishFitFam Black Power Leggings. I was delighted I came across their website. In fact, I was so impressed that I’m going to order the leggings in the charcoal, raspberry and dark blue options. They’re so versatile and look great too. I just wish there were even more colours and patterns available to choose from in the Power Leggings range, because I would seriously purchase them in every colour, one I could wear each day of the week!

The only con I experienced with the leggings is that the material is a magnet for fluff, not to mention my dog’s hair (which you might have noticed from my pics!). But I think this is a factor that I can definitely overlook. The leggings are also very good value at €37, because I know that they will be long-lasting and I’ve been wearing them at least three times every week nowadays.

I would give this product FIVE out of Five stars. 

Additional Info 

Find the Power Leggings, and much more fitness clothing for women and men, on irish-fitfam.com 

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