January 16, 2021

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Jasons Pilates Ring and Massage Ball Review

Review by Emma Campbell


Another day, another fitness pursuit. This time, I decided to listen to my friends and mother and try pilates. So of course, I dedicated to the idea by ordering the gear before I could bail out of trying it, and I think I found something that might actually stick! I have been through this rodeo before; the medicine ball that I ordered a few months ago is in the same corner as the weights I purchased when I decided I was going to get into weight lifting. I lack commitment and get tired of the repetition, but after a pilates class with my mom (a certified instructor) I am hooked! The best part, if I can already feel new muscles getting strengthened by using my pilates ring! This fitness tool has quickly become essential to my everyday workouts. 


  • One size fits all 
  • Comes with an easy transport bag and muscle massage ball
  • Made with non-slip materials 
  • Works hard to tone muscles 


  • Introductory coaching may be necessary in order to use the ring effectively 


The fourteen-inch pilates ring by Jasons is a one size fits all fitness tool that is designed for both men and women… at least that is what the description said on the website. After unwrapping the ring and trying it out for myself, I made my dad do a trial run as well. The test was successful, and he was able to use it with the same muscle toning results! The ring can be used to tone many muscles including your inner and outer thighs, hips, calves, and glutes. It also can train your back, shoulders, arms, abs, and chest. The two holds on either side provide for a sweat resistance surface allowing you to squeeze or resist without slipping. 

I have trouble maintaining a regular workout schedule because I get tired of repetition and mundane exercises. Needless to say, me and running have never been the closest of friends, but I wanted something that would provide me with variation and results. Although I have not transformed into a bodybuilder yet, I can definitely say that my muscles have not felt this sore since I was training for competitive swimming. Crunches, planks, and leg lifts have become much more effective with the ring. The packet also comes with a poster that provides different exercises to attempt with the ring. We went through so many variations in the class, I was constantly moving and never bored. Each exercise burned another muscle and I could feel the isolation in my abs, thighs, and forearms. While I am very happy that I did spend the €20.31 on the ring, I am glad I had a trained instructor to coach me along the way. There are a plethora of Youtube videos sharing demonstrations and exercises, but my form was corrected too many times for me to have been successful solely relying on tutorial videos. This was also apparent when using the massage ball. 

The included massage ball is made out of a hard material designed to provide myofascial release (I was not sure what that meant either); however, after some research, I found that a massage ball is a multipurpose tool that can release tension, relieve muscle pain, help break up scar tissue, and increase blood flow to tight areas. Again, I would recommend doing some research on all the different ways to make use of this tool. I was limiting it to kneading the tension out of calves, but it is useful for so much more! The ring and the ball act as the perfect pair: while the ring strengthens muscles to the point of soreness, the ball helps to relieve the pain and keep the muscles well originated. 


This product gets a solid five stars from me. I have been using it every day since I received it, and I won’t be stopping any time soon. Already I can feel muscles working that I have not worked in years. The ball also provides a nice addition to any post-workout stretching routine. 

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