January 16, 2021

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Tort Hair Accessories

Alexia Oerter reviews the brand that is revolutionising the way you style your hair


  • Small business 
  • Great quality and gorgeous designs
  • Excellent customer service and packaging 
  • Keeps all hair types in check (even fine)


  • I’d like more transparency on production and sustainability


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking for the best hair accessories for a very long time, ones that not only suit me but also suit my particular hair type. My fine straight hair is usually not a hair clip’s best friend. It usually falls down in about a minute. Or so I thought, until I came across Tort, a small UK based business founded in 2019 by London PR Mona Ghafoori. A small, young business perhaps, but already featured in Vogue, Refinery29 and plenty of others.  

Mona created Tort with the idea of designing a jewellery box for your hair, with every single woman in mind. Each item created is named after a powerful woman in her life, and the purpose of Tort is to create hair accessories suitable for every hair type without exception. Most of her clips will be made with a hand-poured resin, which leaves countless possibilities for colours and designs. It also means that each clip’s pattern will be unique.   

The brand has expanded quite a bit since it started. In addition to several different types of clips, they started making other accessories such as combs and recently, limited edition headbands. New designs are constantly coming out, which makes Tort such a dynamic and interactive brand. But this perhaps isn’t so great for my wallet! 

Also, the customer service is incredible. The few times I’ve had a question about orders I placed, Mona herself replied to the emails right away and she was always lovely and helpful. Each order has come wrapped in beautiful silk paper and in velvety pouches as well as with a thank you card. During confinement, Tort had also extended a promotion code and offered free scrunchies for orders over £30 (each clip or pair of clips ranges from £20 to £24, which is approximately €22-€26).  

Below is our review of four different types of clips you can find on the Tort website:   

Hair clips

This is the first type of clip I’ve tried from Tort. It all started when my fringe was growing out and I had to find a pretty way to pin it away from my face. They are super easy to use and there are countless ways of styling them, going from one on each side to two on the same side, half up styles or even easy buns for longer hair. They are definitely the most versatile type of clips on the website and are suitable for any hair type.    

Claw clips 

This style is probably the one Tort has expanded the most in the last year. The traditional claw clip is a staple in the easy “get off my face” hairstyle category, but Tort definitely took it to the next level. It seems to be the most varied type thanks to the different sizes, ranging from small ones for half up style or finer hair types, to the biggest ones perfect for easy buns. Strong hold is always guaranteed.     


Their usage is quite exclusive compared to the previous two types. They hold a small strand of hair and, even though they work well to pin your hair back, their purpose is more decorative than practical. This leaves room to make those clips the fanciest type, the dressed up kind. Instead of their famous hand-poured resin, the slides are made with beads and stones that are either sewn to the metal base (which lasts longer and is overall better quality than glue) or encased in the metal structure.   


Tort has made two types of barettes, the ones you can see on the picture above and ones that open and close with a thin metal bar that clips onto a small round hook. You should stay away from these if you have fine straight hair, as they cling to the hair less than the others. The former hold well on any hair type and, thanks to the black coating at the back, the hair does not get stuck. They are also quite exclusive in their usage as they can only hold so much hair, but some come individually and some in pairs which still makes them versatile enough.   


I would give this brand FIVE out of FIVE Stars. All the clips I have tried have never failed me and Tort’s personalised approach to business makes the customer feel valued and part of its ongoing story.  

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