November 29, 2020

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Fizik Overcurve R4 + Video Review

Ciarán Ó Conluain reviews Fizik Overcurve R4 


Due to the amount of time most of us spend in our cycling shoes they need to be comfortable and very often they aren’t. In the past, I have had crunched toes that I lost the feeling of after a couple of hours (that can’t be safe) and also very sore soles where every stroke feels like my foot is on fire. When I got the Fizik Overcurve R4 (€200-€215) cycling shoes I was hopeful for an improvement in my past experiences and as you can see from the unboxing video they looked great to start with.



+4 colour options including 2 Iridescent ones

+Wide fitting toe box

+Comfortable heel and sole

+The Boa dial adjusts the tightness very quickly and easily

+Doesn’t overheat in warm conditions


-The white model could get dirty easily if not cared for


I hadn’t had a pair of new cycling shoes in over 7 years since my cycling team gave us a pair for training and racing. My training ones were well worn but my racing ones were still looking pretty good as I’d reduced my riding time to a weekend warrior. When I got the new Fizik Tempo Overcurve R4s I was excited to see if technology and manufacturing had moved on. Having done about 20 rides in these now I think I have my answer.


The name Overcurve comes from Fiziks design and shape of the shoe. I can only let them describe the process themselves in how they trace “the natural misalignment of the ankle’s two bony protrusions: the lateral and medial malleoli. The result is an asymmetrical shape, with the throat of the shoe curving over the foot from its outside to its inner side.” So now you know!

The slightly wider fit and Overcurve design really worked for me. The heel has a few grippy dots which do keep your foot in place when the power goes down and that watt saving could be a “marginal gain” 😉 The sole is also only 15% infused carbon fiber but I noticed no difference in stiffness from a full carbon sole shoe. If you aren’t a racer then you may not know what this is all about (and rightly so!) but you want all your power to go into the pedals and not be lost in the shoe. I would have no hesitation racing in these and it’s an added bonus they are super comfortable. I got no pains in my feet or soles on longer spins.  


Fizik has made 2 different styles of this shoe. One has the regular colours of black and white which look really striking and the outer material looks durable. I would love to try the other 2 “iridescent” models in Copper and Beetle (green). These change colour depending on the angle you look at them. More people in cycling are moving away from the standardised black bike and kit and embracing different colours so I hope this continues. Sadly I didn’t have the courage to go all out and I stuck safe with the classic white model.  

I love the look and feel of the white shoes but I am concerned if caught in a shower that the stains could be tough to remove as there is some padded white material near the ankle. Other than that you can see from the images that after about 20 uses they are looking pretty good and if kept for sunny days then the white option is a winner.

Sizing and fit

My size 42 fit as expected and the small bit of extra width was very welcome compared to my old shoes. I only realise now how crunched my toes were and the numbness I was getting every ride in the past. Now it’s a lot more pleasurable and also I don’t feel I have lost any power at all. 


I used these in cold conditions under overshoes and with a pair of winter cycling socks, I felt my feet were the perfect temperature. I didn’t have the numb feeling of my old shoes which was a gamechanger on longer rides. I also used them in 20+ degrees in Portugal and they were very breathable and had no odours after a week of cycling in the sun. 

Verdict and Star Rating

I really liked these shoes. Great fit and style but the white could get discoloured if not kept clean. I would love to try the other variants and I would give a rating of FIVE out of five. Very good product.

Check out our Video review of the shoe and pardon our sound as the equipment and studio were locked down due to Covid-19 🙁 but we love the video anyway!

Additional Info 

Regular version

Iridescent version

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