January 16, 2021

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Jolyn Swimwear

Review by Emma Campbell 


In school, I spent half of my time in the pool. I trained in competitive swimming and water polo six days a week. I lost my share of goggles and burned through a fair amount of suits. My parents had three kids swimming at the same time since I was six years old, so the expenses were trifold. It did not help that most of the swimsuits we had would wear out very quickly because of constant use. It was in school that I first heard of Jolyn Swimwear, a company that quickly became the new trend on the team. The swimsuits were brighter and more stylish than the regular meet suits we were used to. They also had a reputation for being longer-lasting and made of a material that dramatically increased the lifespan of the suit. 

It was not until after school that I was able to get a piece of Jolyn swimwear. I purchased a blue Laine Bikini top that I still wear to this day!  A few years into adulthood, and I am still making the trip to the pool. My competitive times and shoulder muscles have drastically diminished, but I still enjoy a well-designed suit that will last. So, I decided to buy a Jolyn one piece, and it has been a great addition to my trips to the pool!


  • A large variety of colours and styles to choose from 
  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Made from sustainable fabric 


  • Styles and colours can become more limited depending on size availability 
  • Sizing can be tricky, limited to 24-38US


I am a very slow shopper: I will stew over a purchase for a long time before and after I put down my card. My first purchase with Jolyn took me a long time to decide until finally, I settled on the Laine Bikini Top in Blueberry, currently on sale for $22 or €20.50. However, with my most recent purchase, I pulled the trigger quite quickly knowing I would be receiving a quality product. I knew I was looking for something that would accommodate my training, but also would make me happy to look at and see myself in. While I was shopping Jolyn’s online store, I was so excited to see all of the colours and styles. I landed on the Chevy Swim Onesie in Strawberry. This suit has a fixed back with fuller coverage on the bottom, priced at $58 or €52.80. 


Jolyn makes it their mission to accommodate many different athletes. In fact, they model their suits on people of all shapes and sizes and are involved in a variety of water/beach sports to ensure that their product range is accommodating a large span of people. With that being said, it is important to note that the sizing is limited to 24 through 38. The sizing chart provides detailed measurements that give an accurate estimate to your Jolyn size match; though they do run slightly smaller than other brands I have swam with in the past. 


Jolyn swimsuits were made with endurance in mind. They were a brand created with sites set on outfitting the female elite in watersports, and they have! Jolyn has been worn by the likes of Team USA National Triathlon Team member Taylor Spivey, Beach Volleyball Olympian Lauren Fredrick, and USA National Women’s Water Polo Team member, and Olympic gold medal recipient, Ashleigh Johnson. These athletes are in and out of the water constantly and need something that will hold up. Even though my competitive days are behind me, my suits have seen the likes of Hawaii, California, and Washington water – not to mention the countless time spent in chlorinated pools – and they still are in excellent condition. In fact, the first Jolyn I bought was in 2015, and it is still wearing in excellent condition! I have even run it through the washer and dryer on multiple occasions without seeing any damaging effects.  

The straps on both of my suits are on the tighter side, but they are very supportive and secure without digging into my skin and causing discomfort. I have even taken to wearing my top piece hiking, as it works well on the jaunt up, and is useful when you need to make a quick jump into the lake to cool off. It even dries quickly! While a lot of suits I have work may cause suit burn and drag in the water, the Jolyn suits stay securely in place without damaging your skin, making for a more arrow dynamic swim. 


Jolyn has continued to impress me throughout the years and my most recent purchase is no exception. From the color to style, to fit, I give both of my suits FIVE stars out of five, and I hope to add more to the collection soon! 

For more information, visit https://jolyn.com/

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