January 16, 2021

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Top Five Virtual Fitness Experiences

With a bit more time at home this week than I am used to, I find my trips to the kitchen are more and more frequent. After munching my third snack of the day, I decided I may need to change up my activities to something with a little more physical exertion. However, my schedule is a bit inconsistent so I fluctuate between long workouts, or often needing something short to fit in. I also am limited to what I can do from my house, so my homemade workouts get old fast and lack inspiration. So, I called my sister-in-law, one of the most active people I know, to see if she had any suggestions, and I realised that there are a lot of options out there for virtual fitness – classes that you can do from the comfort of your home. What was even better, is that a lot of the options she recommended were free! 

I decided to test some out and after the sweat and sore muscles, I have narrowed down this list to include five of my favorites. They fluctuate in time, intensity, and type of workout so that your week can be full of new and exciting ways to stay fit and healthy! 

Fit Lab 253  

Fit Lab 253 is a woman-run business based in Gig Harbor, Washington. Owner Lianne G. founded the company in 2001 with a dedication to introducing pilates into the mainstream fitness circuit. Since then, she has expanded her business to include various forms of workout including yoga, barre, pilates and more. 

I was initially attracted to the variety of livestream classes Fitlab was able to offer. I chose to try a barre class as well as a pilates class. The classes were conducted through the Zoom app and Lianne herself instructed both classes. You could immediately see her years of coaching experience. She walked you step by step through each exercise and demonstrated all of the movements herself. She also offered modified versions of movements if participants were not physically able to complete the full extent of the exercise. 

Both workouts were no joke! The Pilates class was 60 minutes while the barre class lasted 30 minutes. Each involved brand new exercises that tested muscles I didn’t know had; two days later and I was still sore (but in that good way)!  

The price is very reasonable as well: unlimited classes for two weeks is only $39, or about €42 ! So that means if you workout six days a week, one class per day, you are paying just over six dollars per class! For all those motivated individuals looking to incorporate more classes in the day, it would be even less (although I think my muscles will be sticking to one session a day for the time). 

For more information and a schedule of classes, visit fitlab253.com

Nike Training Club 

Everyone knows the name Nike. It is a brand most people can claim to own at least one item of clothing from. However, despite their logo being an everyday sight, I was unaware of their fitness app “Nike Training Club”, until my sister-in-law mentioned it to me this past week.

This app is currently free to download and contains a plethora of exercise videos you can do at home. One of the best parts is that sessions can vary greatly in time duration! For instance, I took a ten minute “HIT: Legs and Core class”, and then a 43 minute “Upper Body Strength Class.” This is perfect for when you are in a rush and need to get a fast work out, or if you want to take your time with a slower session. 

The app is very easy to use and caters to your own information; you can personalise it to fit your fitness needs. They have beginning, intermediate, and advanced class options which all target different muscle groups. All of the videos give demonstrations throughout the entirety of the exercise so you can follow along easily. 

I was also surprised by the sheer amount of options. Nike Training Club offers your basic exercise mediums such as yoga, strength weight training and cardio, but they also offer unique selections including  “Body and Mind Unwind”. 

For more information, visit www.nike.com/ntc-app


Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor who started creating workout content on YouTube in 2009. Since then, she has gone viral with 4.95 million subscribers and hundreds of videos. 

Before embarking on this virtual fitness journey, I had no idea how available fitness videos were on YouTube. It takes some sorting to find the one that will work for you from the options out there, but I definitely recommend giving Blogilates a try! 

Cassey keeps most of her workout videos short, ranging from around 8-25 minutes, so it’s perfect if you want a fast workout or if you want to watch multiple videos and workout different parts of your body. She also has great motivating power – which is a hard feat to accomplish through the screen. 

She breaks down her videos so that you repeat timed exercises. All of the exercises she does right along with you, smiling all the while. And while my face was mostly red and sweaty from the amount of effort that went I was exerting, I had fun trying her unique way of toning muscles. One of my favorite workouts that I tried was her “ Inner Thigh Slimmer.” She walked through eight different exercises including a “pilate squat” and “thigh flex lifts”, both of which had my thighs sufficiently burning by the end of the ten minutes. A lot of the exercises she uses are manageable enough that I could see myself working them into a daily routine! 

For more information, visit her YouTube Channel Blogilates 

Pure Results Bootcamp 

Founded by Kathryn Thomas, Pure Results Bootcamp is dedicated to getting you in shape. If you are looking for something with a little more commitment, try checking this out! For €19.99 a month you are able to access live workouts with trainers three times a week. They also offer recorded versions if you are not able to make the live times. Along with the workouts, you can also download the meal plans which include a variety of easy to make options. 

While the origin of this company was founded on location bootcamps, this 28-day stay at home plan is a great way to start getting fit with some great tools! Kathryn is even hosting Sunday Q&A’s so you can ask all the questions you have been wanting answers to, and hear some of her tried-and-tested advice!

The 28-day stay at home plan is offered through a Facebook group, which serves as the platform for all of your fitness needs. So you can enjoy a challenging workout, a soothing yoga session, and a recipe for a great meal all in one place! 

For more information, check out pureresultsbootcamp.com

Orange Theory Virtual Workouts

Orange Theory has gone virtual! 

My friend group has been pressuring me to take an Orange Theory class for the better part of a year, and I finally took one – online! Since March 27th, Orange Theory has been putting out a daily episode free to follow along at home. Each workout is about 20-30 minutes long and focuses on a specific area to target. 

This past Thursday, the workout included warm-up stretches, leg exercises, cardio work and many more Orange challenges. Each section of the workout is presented by an Orange Theory coach, who then demonstrates the exercises. The exercises are also shown as a slide on your screen, and give visual instructions for the whole duration of the exercise. 

Orange Theory has also strived to make the workouts as at-home friendly as possible, even including alternative objects for weight work,  that you might find around the house. The workout is non-stop activity from start to finish and a huge calorie burner, but I was entertained the entire way through! 

For more information, check out their Youtube Channel Orange Theory Fitness

All of these options are great alternatives to gyms. I found myself really motivated this week and am ready for another full of virtual classes. So just pick one of the methods above, add some music, and you are on your way to quality fitness training! My personal favourite, with a solid five out of five star rating, would have to be the Nike Training App for its accessibility, variation, and tracking functions!