January 16, 2021

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Bring Italy straight to your home with Italian Food Box

Dunne & Crescenzi italian food

Kevin Flanagan reviews the new Dunne & Crescenzi family time at home takeaway box – for four to six people.


  • It’s all there is one box – fresh Italian-themed produce, including fresh chopped tomatoes, Italian olive oil and grated Parmesan. No need to provide anything else but pots & plates!  
  • Only available in Dublin & County Dublin – at the moment, for delivery or to click & collect from Frederick St store


I was one of Eileen Dunne and Stefno Creszenzi’s first customers back in the 90’s when they introduced me (and the rest of Dublin) to all things Italian. 

Eileen moved to Rome from Dublin to study art at the age of 17. She began to travel around the country, delving into the culinary culture of each region and exploring their produce. She married Stefano Crescenzi in Rome, an Italian who shared her love of food. On returning to Dublin they opened Dunne and Crescenzi, the first of many award-winning Italian restaurants.

“I wouldn’t give any of my customers food that I wouldn’t give to my own children,” is the phrase that best sums up Eileen’s philosophy.

I spoke to Eileen Dunne Crescenzi about the new takeaway offering and she told me, “We are doing the D&C classics the dishes customers have loved for the last twenty years.” 

I know from being a regular in their shop, and interviewing them both over the years, that Eileen and her husband Stefano, go to a great deal of trouble sourcing their food in Italy. The food we end up tasting back in Dublin.

“The produce we serve you is the best of local Italian produce. Our salami and sheep’s cheese is from a small, quality producer – the Salcis family in Siena. And the olive oil is from a one-man farm in northern Tuscany. It’s early harvested, and it’s mono-cultural, so only one type of olive is used. It is very different from industrial produced olive oil, as you can immediately tell from tasting it.’ 

Dunne & Crescenzi italian food

They also use a Grana Trentino hard cheese from Alps, as the topping for their ragu, ‘the environment is up there is great – clean air and water – and you can tell the difference on the taste buds of this great cheese.” 

Dunne and crescenzi Ragu

For all the above reasons it has been tough during the lockdown to see the Duune & Crescenzi flagship Frederick Street shop and restaurant closed. But now the shop is open and last week I visited for my first espresso.  La vita e Bella! What’s more I left with their new Dunne & Crescenzi family time at home takeaway box (€80) – and what a meal we had.

Six of us, (four adults and two children) feasted off fresh tomato bruschetta, a house pesto pot, and Italian olives. This was followed by the Dunne & Crescenzi signature beef ragú pasta, and a bottle of Tuscan Tristano wine. We finished off with their classic Tiramisú al Vinsanto. €80 fed the six of us with loads left over for the following day. 

Kevin Flanagan with the Ragu and wine

The starter: Bruschetta al pomodoro you assemble from the open box. Vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, hint of garlic. A Dunne & Crescenzi pesto Pesto Genovese pot. Condiment dips: extra virgin olive oil from Puglia and aged Modena balsamic vinegar. There is even Altamura sourdough bread to serve with the starter and dip. 

 You will need a pot of boiling water for the Campofilone egg fettuccine pasta and the slow cooked McLoughlin’s beef ragù pasta sauce. We topped this with servings of Parmigiano Reggiano. 

Our dessert made one of our family members literally drool. The Tiramisù al Vinsanto, prepared with aged Tuscan Vinsanto went down a treat. All this was washed down with a bottle of Rosso Toscano, Tristano, Castelli del Grevepesa (Tuscany) 2017. 

The box came complete with D&C tablerunners: that was a nice touch reviving memories of meals in the restaurant. D&C napkins and a D&C kids activity sheet. 

We ate outside in my Drumcondra garden, four adult and two kids (3 & 5 years old) and with the sunshine you could have been eating in Italy!

So our verdict was – Buon appetito & great value. We may not be travelling to Italy anytime soon but you can get a taste of authentic Italian cuisine! Highly recommended.  


I would give this product FIVE out of Five stars.

Additional Info 

Contact  www.dunneandcrescenzi.com/shop to place your order. They also have a “Bella Ciao” date night box for two. Price €50.00

**Next Day Delivery** or order before 12:00 pm for same day delivery

Available Monday-Saturday

 Dunne & Crescenzi family time at home. Feeds 4-6 peaple. 

Wine sale at wholesale prices: 

Dunne & Crescenzi are also holding a wine sale, selling their handpicked wines at wholesale prices. Notable examples for six bottles (minimum order) includes: 

Montepulciano di Abruzzo DOC 2017, Passetti,                                    €73.50 

2016 Nero d’Avola, Chiaromonte IGT Firriato (Sicily)                                 €85.50    

2018 Gavi di Gavi Grifone Delle Roveri DOCG Bergaglio                      €90.00

You can see the product on their website www.dunneandcrescenzi.com

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