January 16, 2021

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Momentum Wireless Headset Review

Emma Campbell reviews Sennheiser’s Momentum Wireless Headphones

One of the best Christmas’s I had was when I was seven years old. I know it’s not all about the presents, but this year had one of my favourites. Under the tree, there were two flat square packages, one for my sister and one for me. We ripped off the wrappings at the same time and screamed in unison. My sister got a CD of the Clash London Calling, and I got the White Album by the Beatles. Growing up in my household meant that music was a mandatory obsession, and we were all willing participants in this rule. As technology in music evolved, so did we. From walkman to shuffle to wireless, we were there listening to Zeppelin and Floyd. Today I was able to test the 3rd generation Momentum Wireless Headset by Sennheiser to see if they would be the latest upgrade to include in my collection.

+ Compatible with all genres
+ Crisp and clear audio
+ 3 Noise-canceling settings
+ Amplifies music texture and highlights each mixed element
+ Comfortable fit
+ Has a smart control app to personalize your listening experience

– Very sensitive to movement
– Bulky design and case
– Not recommended for working out

Sounds good to me

I played with these headphones a lot, testing them over a dramatic variation of musical genres. I listened to hip-hop from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and Biggie, to the jazz cadences of Dave Brubeck and Edith Pilaf. The noise-canceling features helped me to enjoy the full notes of each song and were amazing at blocking out the noises of my surroundings. I could not hear anything but queued music. It did take me a while to understand the full features of each setting on the headphones, and I was quite startled when the headphones picked up the sounds around me, isolating specific noises for me to acknowledge. However, the three different settings became easy to use, and I was able to switch between the noise-canceling feature and transparent hearing easily, depending on what I needed at the time.

The headset made the bass a more rich and full-bodied sound and captured the faintest noises hidden in the background. A lot of artists and producers, including Billie and Finneas Eilish, include unique noises mixed into their work like sounds from the natural environment. A lot of these textures go unnoticed due to poor listening tools, but with the Momentum Headset, I discovered many of these unique inclusions.

Dual devices simultaneously

The headphones also pair masterfully with your phone, making it a transitional piece of technology suitable for conference calls and late-night music jams. I also connected my phone and laptop at the same time and this was a very useful feature when working but then taking a call on my phone.

Transparent Hearing and helpful features

I used the transparent hearing feature to concentrate on finishing a piece at work, all the while being alerted to important surrounding noises. This is extremely beneficial when walking on the street. You can listen to your music, and hear the car honk beside you.

Sennheiser did not stop there with its smart technology. They also added smart controls including an automatic on and off and smart pause. When you want to start your Bluetooth connection, you simply open the headphone set and it automatically pairs with your phone and is ready to start, and then when you are finished listening, you simply close them up and they automatically turn off. So, if you are anything like me and you always forget to turn off your devices, your battery life will be dramatically saved. Speaking of battery, these headphones last up to 13 hours on one charge!

Size and best use

While the sound quality and technological advances of the Momentum Headphones are waging a fierce battle with their competitors, their design is definitely limiting if you are looking to use these in an active setting. The headphones are an over-the-ear design, and the genuine leather material is very comfortable, but I did not find them conducive to running or working out. I would say the optimal environment for use would be somewhere that you can be more stationary, such as an office. The packaging of the headphones is also very bulky which makes the headphones more difficult to store and transport. So keeping them in a set location may be the best idea.

My colleague calls these “The ultimate sit down earphones” and I could be tempted to agree.


I was definitely impressed by what the Momentum Wireless headphones had to offer. Their full sound highlighted elements of my favourite songs that I have never heard before, and I was able to appreciate the mixing behind the music I listened to in a whole new way. While the overall design was a bit bulky and slightly limiting for some activities, the positives outweighed the negatives. You are investing in the quality of the headphones as they retail for €399.00, but I would say it is a worthy piece of technology to save for, one that I would happily integrate into my music listening routine.

The Momentum Wireless Headphones get a FOUR star rating from me!

For additional information visit https://en-ie.sennheiser.com/momentumwireless